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2017-2018 Game Studies course tracking sheet

Program of Study 

The Game Studies minor is completed with the following courses. 


The Game Studies minor requires 18 credit hours

Required Courses

  • ENGL A222 How to Do Things With Videogames
  • CMMN X202 Game As Art*

6 crs.

Primary Electives
Choose two of the following courses:

  • CMMN X236 Understanding Media
  • CMMN X237 Media Play or
    CMMN H295 Theories of Media Play
  • ENGL A220 Media and Mediation
  • ENGL N205 Videogames and Literature**

6 crs.

Secondary Electives
Choose two of the following courses:

  • CMMN A382 Social Media Strategies
  • ENGL A376 Technoculture
  • ENGL A444 Posthumanism
  • PHIL V277 Minds and Machines
  • PSYC X266 The Science of Good and Evil
  • SOCI A240 Sociology of Sport
  • SOCI A242 Sociology of Mardi Gras
  • VISA A373 Interactive & Electronic Media I
  • VISA A474 Interactive & Electronic Media II
6 crs.
* The CMMN courses in this minor are only available to Mass Communication majors as non-minor credit (e.g. as common curriculum or elective credit courses). Mass Communication majors may pursue the Game Studies minor by substituting 3 crs. outside the major for CMMN X202 Game as Art. These 3 crs. will be chosen from the minor's elective course list with the approval of the minor adviser(s). 
** Game Studies minors may be given the option, with the approval fo the minor adviser(s), to substitute ENGL T121 Violence and Videogames for ENGL N205 Videogames and Literature. 

Faculty & Staff

  • Erin Dupuis, Psychological Sciences
  • David Myers, School of Mass Communication
  • Andrew Nelson, School of Mass Communication
  • John Seefeldt, Studio Art
  • Tim Welsh, Department of English