Library Studies (LIBR)

LIBR G201: Research and Technology 2.0     1 cr. 

Proficiency in research is a core expectation throughout academia, and also has broader applications that are increasingly valued within the professional realm. This course will cover critical issues, emerging technologies, and practical techniques that are relevant to the research process. You will become a more discerning and reflective information consumer and creator.

LIBR G210: Information Literacy & Interdisciplinary Research  3 cr.

This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary research process as it applies to acdemic, professional, and everyday contexts. Practical experience in forming research questions, searching for information, and evaluating sources make up the core of the class. Students participate in regular discussions and reflective learning approaches, students will come to understand research as a practice that they can design to fit different needs in different contexts. 


Loyola Core 

LIBR T121: First-Year Seminar   3 crs. 

All first-year students take a 3-credit First-Year Seminar during their first semester as one of the core course in the Loyola Core. First-Year Seminars at Loyola are small, discussion-based seminars that introduce new college students to academic inquiry at the university level by investigating a relevant topic. Specially-trained faculty lead these seminars in a way that instills in students the academic skills necessary to become successful Loyola students.