Ministry Courses

RELM A370 Pastoral Theology  3 crs.

Fundamental theology in a post-conciliar church; focus on revelation, faith, grace and Christology; a brief review of the historical tradition as a background for creation-centered, liberationist theology today. 

RELM A380 Theology of Ministry  3 crs.

An exploration of Christian ministry grounded in scripture and the historical tradition, but focused on the contemporary situation, especially within Roman Catholicism. 

RELM A400 Religious Education in Theory and Practice  3 crs.

Foundational questions of religious education are investigated with particular focus given to the relationship between theory and practice. 

RELM A496 Senior Seminar - Ministry  3 crs.

Religious education and pastoral ministry field experiences form the context of this course. The connection of theory and practice shapes the course content with special emphasis placed on problem-raising, problem-solving, and collaboration.