Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program

For Graduate & Professional Studies and College of Business working students with employer reimbursement plans, the university will defer payment on 90 percent of tuition and regular fees. To become eligible for this deferment, the student must submit to the dean’s office a copy of the employer’s reimbursement policy and each semester submit verification on company letterhead of the student’s eligibility in the plan.

In addition, each semester the student must submit an Employer Reimbursement Agreement form along with 10 percent of tuition and regular fees by the university's due date. Any other charges must be paid within the normal deadlines. Payment in full will be required 30 days after grades are due in the dean’s office. Other reports, such as transcripts and the diploma, are withheld until final payment is received.  The Employer Reimbursement Agreement form and instructions can be found here.