All of the Undergraduate Colleges offer minors that range from 18-24 hours. In addition, Loyola offers 13 Interdisciplinary Minors. Information concerning specific requirements for minors is found on the minor tracking sheets posted in the Bulletin. If the requirements for the minor are not completed by graduation, the minor will not be indicated on the transcript. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in the minor. Students in certain majors must complete a minor as part of their degree requirements. With certain exceptions, a student may not major and minor within the same department. Listed below are links to information for each minor.

Where specific courses are not named, please consult the chair of the minor department. Arts and Sciences students interested in pursuing a minor in Business Administration or Music should refer to the College of Business or College of Music and Fine Arts sections of this Bulletin.

Arts and Science students may add or drop minors by filling out a form on file in the Dean's office.

* International Business and Legal Studies (Business) minors are restricted to business majors.

**The Jazz Studies minor is restricted to music majors or permission of the Jazz Studies area coordinator.